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Goalkeeping Level III Diploma
8 Days

Goalkeeping Level III Diploma


FCAAN Goalkeeping Level III Diploma is targeted towards the more experienced team coach. The license will develop their goalkeeping knowledge at the youth, collegiate, senior, and professional levels. It will cover the principles and the components that go into developing goalkeepers and it will encourage the team coach to prepare and plan for the goalkeepers development needs not just daily but over an entire season.

This is an 8-day course includes field and classroom sessions and concludes with intensive testing on theoretical and practical applications of the game. The course also includes valuable instruction in coaching methodology, team management and fitness.

This Goalkeeping Diploma course will instruct coaches how to plan and manage their goalkeeper’s development over the season at a high level. The course features in-depth coverage of the Principles of Goalkeeping: technical, tactical, psychological and fitness components of the goalkeeper. Featuring lectures and field sessions, combined with audio and visual technology, the course is a comprehensive, interactive learning experience.


Time: 8 Days

Prerequisite:  Applicants must hold FCAAN “A” or “B” Diploma.